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Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) – FAQ

Is there an additional fee for ILM Membership?

No, ILM Studying Membership is complementary when you complete a Specialist or Expert Programme.

When can I activate my ILM membership?

When you complete a Specialist or Expert programmes we will register you with ILM to activate your membership.

How long is my membership valid for?

Your ILM membership is valid for 12 months.

Will Learning Tree need to provide ILM with any of my personal information?

Yes. We will need to provide ILM with your name, contact details and date of birth to register you for an ILM Endorsed Award.

Does Learning Tree operate a data protection policy?

Learning Tree International Ltd is registered on the Information Commissioner's Office Data Protection Register as a data controller. Registration number Z6992250. Our privacy policy can be viewed at http://ico.org.uk/esdwebpages/search.

Do I have to follow any rules when I take my exam?

Yes. You are required to complete your closed book exam with no assistance. You may not use the work of another learner (past or present) with or without that person's knowledge or agreement. You will be informed of the exam conditions prior to your exam. A proctor will be present during your exam, any activity that contravenes the exam conditions may result in your exam being invalidated.

How will my exam be marked?

All exams are scored electronically against a centrally stored answer key.

Can I appeal against my exam result?

If you have any concerns about your exam result you can contact us on 08-506 668 00. We will follow the following appeals procedure:

  1. Your exam answer sheet will be checked to ensure it has been marked against the correct answer key.
  2. You will be informed of the outcome of this check.
  3. Should you require further feedback your answer sheet and the exam questions will be sent to a subject matter expert for review.

Will I receive a certificate when I successfully complete a programme?

Yes. When you have successfully completed the programme you will receive a Learning Tree Gold Certificate and Certification pin. You will also receive an ILM Endorsed Award Certificate. Your ILM certificate will include your name, the name of the programmes and the date of award. The ILM Certificate will not include the pre-fix 'Certification' in the Programme title.

Does Learning Tree have an equality policy?

We are committed to assisting course participants with disabilities. Upon written request from a participant's employer, at least two weeks before the start of the course, we will reserve a special space or seat in the classroom and/or additional facilities as needed to assist any participant with disabilities or other special needs, as far as it is practical to do so. This may include an additional set of course materials for an Auxiliary Aide at no additional cost. The employer of the participant is responsible for all other costs of any necessary accommodation, including Auxiliary Aides. Please call 08-506 668 00 at least two weeks before the start of the course so that Learning Tree can arrange for the additional facilities as required. The time allocation for our exams is set to give all candidates a fair and equal chance of demonstrating their knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve the exam standard.

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